my sunflowers

my sunflowers

I love flowers, but then again who doesn’t, right?  One of the flowers I like most is the sunflower.  They’re awesome.  I have some in my backyard that must be 9 or 10 feet tall.  How cool is that?  One of the best things about sunflowers is how they got their name.  You see, sunflowers are known as heliotropes.  What is heliotropism, you ask?  Well, when flower buds form on the sunflower, they begin to move.  At sunrise, the faces of most sunflowers are turned towards the east. Over the course of the day, they follow the sun from east to west, while at night they return to an eastward orientation.  Amazing.  Their faces follow the sun.  Now keep that picture in your mind (that of faces following the sun) and read this Bible verse (this is Jesus speaking), “Whoever serves me must follow me” John 12:26.  Think of this –  when we become Christians we could be considered “SON”flowers.  And as SONflowers we must keep our faces turned toward Him, constantly looking for what He wants us to do.  In the “comments” section below, let’s discuss ways that you and I can keep our faces turned toward Him.  What are some of the things you do?

♥ Mrs. Crow


3 Responses to “sunflowers”

  1. Blythe Says:

    well just a lot of little things like… helping older people or helping aroound the house or telling the truth!!

  2. queenbeestephanie Says:

    You are right, Blythe. Little things to us can be BIG things to other people. You never know when something is really going to make a difference or be important to someone, do you?

  3. Candice Henthorn Says:

    Walking old ladies across the street……Or helping younger kids how to do things like tie their shoes or help them with their homework. I try to follow Him by volunteering at AWANAs and helping with the other kids!

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