Do you watch “The Office”?  I think it is a funny tv show.  During the Olympics there was a commerical by Dwight K. Schrute announcing that he thought the  Olympic decathalon (10 events) was for wimps and in its place there should be the CENTATHALON – 100 EVENTS!  Then he goes on to list some of his recommended  Olympic events:  broad jump, side jump, front jump, back jump, animal mimickry, wall climbing, cup stacking, coal digging, hide the hamster, boat repair, projectile spitting, Q-tipping, nasal projection, fugitive track, rabbit hunting, pain tolerance, die casting, knuckle chuck, turkish luge, pizza making, hula hoop, battleship, bow hunting, voting, tae kwon do, cabinet making, flapping, hair cutting…  But wait, there are not 100 events listed here – so give me some of YOUR recommendations for Dwight’s Centathalon!  Remember they have to be goofy like Dwight’s events!  Let’s see what Heart Attack comes up with, just for fun!

♥Mrs. Crow



11 Responses to “centathalon”

  1. hojdarrin Says:

    Leap frogging, sidewalk-jumping, movie watching, dog-kissing, friend-calling, spider-finding, pop-drinking, bread-toasting, lunch-eating.

  2. queenbeestephanie Says:

    Thanks, Pastor Crow! Those are some good ones! LOL!

  3. Blythe Says:

    what about hop scotch

  4. queenbeestephanie Says:

    Do you mean ULTIMATE hopscotch?

  5. Morgan Says:

    guinea pig monitering, jump rope, and breakfast making

  6. Blythe Says:

    of course

  7. queenbeestephanie Says:

    How would you win in breakfast making? LOL! Whoever could make the BIGGEST pancakes? OR–> whoever could make the most pancakes? Ha Ha! That’s a good one, Morgan!

  8. nick Says:

    lip wrestling, angry weasel shaving, staring contests, wedgies (giving and receiving), miming, paper football

  9. Brody Says:

    how about bicycle soccer ( it’s real, check youtube), boat tag, cheetos!

  10. queenbeestephanie Says:

    What would you do when competing at “Cheetos?” LOL!

  11. Candice Henthorn Says:

    How about dancing….Ballet and jazz?


    Okay how about crab soccer, or Hackey Sack….hmm……..and yeah, Brody…..would it be like…Cheeto wrestling? lol

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