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August 25, 2008

Do you watch “The Office”?  I think it is a funny tv show.  During the Olympics there was a commerical by Dwight K. Schrute announcing that he thought the  Olympic decathalon (10 events) was for wimps and in its place there should be the CENTATHALON – 100 EVENTS!  Then he goes on to list some of his recommended  Olympic events:  broad jump, side jump, front jump, back jump, animal mimickry, wall climbing, cup stacking, coal digging, hide the hamster, boat repair, projectile spitting, Q-tipping, nasal projection, fugitive track, rabbit hunting, pain tolerance, die casting, knuckle chuck, turkish luge, pizza making, hula hoop, battleship, bow hunting, voting, tae kwon do, cabinet making, flapping, hair cutting…  But wait, there are not 100 events listed here – so give me some of YOUR recommendations for Dwight’s Centathalon!  Remember they have to be goofy like Dwight’s events!  Let’s see what Heart Attack comes up with, just for fun!

♥Mrs. Crow




August 25, 2008
my sunflowers

my sunflowers

I love flowers, but then again who doesn’t, right?  One of the flowers I like most is the sunflower.  They’re awesome.  I have some in my backyard that must be 9 or 10 feet tall.  How cool is that?  One of the best things about sunflowers is how they got their name.  You see, sunflowers are known as heliotropes.  What is heliotropism, you ask?  Well, when flower buds form on the sunflower, they begin to move.  At sunrise, the faces of most sunflowers are turned towards the east. Over the course of the day, they follow the sun from east to west, while at night they return to an eastward orientation.  Amazing.  Their faces follow the sun.  Now keep that picture in your mind (that of faces following the sun) and read this Bible verse (this is Jesus speaking), “Whoever serves me must follow me” John 12:26.  Think of this –  when we become Christians we could be considered “SON”flowers.  And as SONflowers we must keep our faces turned toward Him, constantly looking for what He wants us to do.  In the “comments” section below, let’s discuss ways that you and I can keep our faces turned toward Him.  What are some of the things you do?

♥ Mrs. Crow


August 11, 2008

I love the Olympics.  This year’s opening ceremony in Beijing was impressive. I hoped you watched it.  One of my favorite things I watched in the opening ceremony  was the the ginormous scroll and it’s transformation.


 At its center was a piece of white canvas paper, which then ushered in a performance of black-costumed dancers whose bodies were dipped in black ink.

They performed a dance while leaving their squirming trails on the piece of white paper, reminiscent of Chinese ink and wash art. 

Eventually, the whole painting transformed into “Landscape of a Thousand Miles”, a rare painting from Wang Ximeng of the Song Dynasty (960-1276AD).

Then Chinese children ran out and colored the mountains and the sun.

The picture progressed, but the best part of the painting was yet to come.

And that was the Parade of Nations – the part of the opening ceremony where all the athletes from all the participating countries march in behind their flags. 

At this Olympiad the athletes also contributed to this massive scroll.  Each athlete walked over a gigantic rainbow inkpad  and then the paper scroll which had been placed on the floor of the stadium, leaving their footprints on what then became the Protocol Platform for the Olympic speeches, and filling in the remaining empty space on the scroll.  

 Every footprint of every athlete in that ceremony helped make that painting better. Every footprint was important in advancing the artwork. This finished picture, with its mountains and footprints brought to mind this Bible verse: “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news.” Isaiah 52:7.  As you walk across God’s canvas, the Earth, are you leaving beautiful footprints by telling others about Jesus?

♥Mrs. Crow